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WHISKY No.9 84W Rim - 26" 32H

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Fatbikers itching to upgrade to carbon wheels just might hit the jackpot with the No.9 84w rim. Attacking the middle ground between our 70w and 100w rims, the 84mm internal rim width gets along nicely with 4–5” tires so riders can enjoy a wide, solid footprint. A reinforced, large radius rim wall edge adds strength and durability, while a narrower spoke grouping helps cut weight. With double-wall construction and a convex rim profile to shed snow, sand, and other soft surfaces, the 84w rim offers versatility for all-season riding.

  • Designed to be used with spoke nipple washers
  • Recommended weight limit 240lbs
  • 30psi max tire pressure
  • For tires 4–5" wide

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