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Wolf Tooth Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals - Platform, Aluminum, 9/16", Black, Raw Silver

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Ripsaw Aluminum Pedals feature a slim, lightweight design with a slight convex profile. The large, asymmetric machined aluminum platform provides strong foot support for all-mountain riding, while the thin convex profile is just 7mm thick at the leading edge. Inside the pedal are three fully sealed cartridge bearings, a stainless steel axle, a igus bushing, and a custom radial seal to protect internal components against trail debris.

  • 12.5mm thick in the center and just 7mm thick in the front and rear edges. This profile is supportive and comfortable for all riders, while performing exceptionally well for riders who prefer pedaling with a mid-foot position or for shoes that do not have much structure or support
  • The slight convex profile of the pedal body is tallest at the pedal spindle. The shape then tapers toward each edge from there. This profile aligns perfectly with the arch of your foot and provides a strong platform for power transfer
  • 118mm long x 102mm wide, creating a large platform size that provides strong foot support
  • Three low-friction, fully sealed cartridge bearings and one igus bushing with a custom radial seal protect internal components against trail debris for riding in all conditions
  • Pedal body begins as a billet of raw aluminum. After 37 minutes in our CNC mills, the result is a beautifully crafted pedal body that is ready for anodizing and assembly
  • Each side of the pedal has 12 stainless steel rear-loading 4.5mm pins for loads of traction. An additional six 4.5mm pins ship with the pedal
  • Shorter 3mm pins are available separately as replacement parts to customize the convexity of the pedal

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