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Wolf Tooth Waveform Pedals

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Waveform Pedals are designed for all-mountain riding, from XC to downhill. Available in two different sizes, proportionally scaled to provide a supportive platform that's shaped to match the footprint of your shoe. They have a slim, dual-concave profile that is 14mm thick at the perimeter and just 12.5mm thick in the center, cradling your foot for optimal pedal feel. Each side of the pedal has 11 stainless steel rear-loading pins for loads of traction. The design also features a large, tapered leading edge to deflect pedal strikes on rough terrain. A custom radial seal protects three fully sealed cartridge bearings for low-friction riding in all conditions.

  • Proportionally designed platform, shaped to match shoe profile
  • Slim, concave profile with large tapered leading edge to deflect pedal strikes
  • 3 low friction, fully sealed cartridge bearings and 1 Igus bushing per pedal
  • V-ring rotary seal to protect against contamination
  • 11 stainless steel, rear-loading pins per side (pins 4.5mm tall), includes 6 extra grip pins
  • Fully serviceable with a set of hex keys, no special tools needed

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